Your Wood Pellets order will arrive on an 18 tonne lorry. Therefore, access to your pellet store should be sufficiently wide enough, free from obstacles and reasonably level to ensure the safe handling of your Woodlets delivery. Please also bear in mind that pallet trucks will not run effectively on soft ground or loose gravel. Should you have any concerns about the ability of our lorries to reach you please contact us to discuss your situation.

All orders placed after 3pm will be processed on the following working day.

Due to an unprecedented amount of orders at the moment, our delivery time is around 15 working days. For further information please email



We understand how important timely delivery is to our customers, which is one of the numerous reasons why, after managing hundreds of thousands of tonnes, we have gained the expertise to deliver efficiently and on time.

Our dedicated team handles every part of the supply chain from the plant in the country of origin to delivery at the customer’s warehouse or destination port. In addition, we are now providing a number of additional value-added services such as warehousing, de-van, drop shipping, bulk handling, and screening.

For all palletized products, we typically deliver DAP warehouse to our clients in 40/45′ shipping containers. In addition to this, we can also organize de-van and tautliner deliveries for those that cannot handle containers.

For bulk products, we supply on a number of incoterms including FOB basis where we provide load port warehousing, loading, sampling, and analysis. CIF basis where we take care of all ship chartering and those services described above. We also supply bulk on an FCA basis from a number of ports and inland stores throughout the world. Our facilities are able to screen the product and in this instance, we can supply distributors with as little as 10t loads.