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Wood pellets are a compressed form of woody biomass used as an eco-friendly, low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. As a source of renewable energy wood pellets provide the ultimate, sustainable, high quality and price stable fuel. The ENPlus A1 certification and the BSL sustainability authorisation attached to all of our pellets guarantees the high quality and sustainable nature of all the wood pellets we provide. White Horse Energy is proud to supply an unbeatable range of bagged wood pellets throughout the UK. Impeccable service, fast delivery and unrivalled quality from a company you can trust. Whether you are looking for the Cheapest Pellets, or the most calorific, you’re at the right place with the UK’s favourite wood pellet experts.

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Bulk wood pellets for sale, the majority of the consumption went to heat production, representing 61,8%. Wood Pellet A1 consumption for heat can be further divided into three markets – residential heating (69%), commercial heating (19%) and heat generated from CHP (12%). The remaining 38,2% of A1 wood pellets were used for power production.

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The en plus a1 wood pellets Management follows up on every misuse of the trademark. You can help us combat fraud by checking the list of en plus a1 wood pellets price and Traders on our website to authenticate an en plus a1 wood pellets seal. Our Blacklist will also help you identify known fraudsters. If you suspect a fraud case, you can refer to our online guide on how to detect fraud, and use our online form to flag it to us.

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Our A1 Wood pellets are made from 100% softwood, with no additives or contamination (chemicals/plastics, etc). The production process involves removing the bark, chipping, drying (45 mins @ 90oC).  Then the sawdust is mechanically compressed under high temperature and pressure (with steam injection).


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A1 Wood Pellets is the Europe’s leading brand of super-premium grade 6mm wood pellets for use in all wood pellet boilers and stoves, they comply with the ENPlus A1 standard, are BSL registered and fully RHI compliant.

A1 Wood Pellets are manufactured at our UK wood pellet production plant situated in Girvan on the South West coast of Scotland. The raw materials that we use to make our pellets and power our in-house Combined Heat & Power unit (CHP) all come from certified forests in the UK. We also take in and use co-product (waste) from sawmills in the form of sawdust, wood chip and logs rejected by other industries due to their size or shape.

A1 Wood Pellets are the only wood pellet brand to offer you an *Energy Guarantee of 4,800KWh/t of energy and to publish our monthly quality reports verified by a third-party laboratory.

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